Technology has long been considered as the biggest competitor of leisure spaces. In a world where people communicate, get informed, and entertain themselves via interposed screens, it sets physical barriers between us.

With Sonar Borealis, our aim is to use the potential of technology in the total opposite way.  Here,
interactive technologies break barriers, create interactions between people, but also between people and space.

The installation
comes alive with people. This immersive experience pushes the highly mixed population of London to forget about received ideas and rules of behavior. It gets them out of their shells by encouraging them to be loud and creative.

In a town like London, which can seem intimidating and anonymous, we believe it is fundamental to give people spaces which belong to them.

Sonar Borealis gives people a new
language, another way to exchange​. It enables them to get together, be amazed together, create together, far from any social and cultural barriers.

Visitors are no longer spectators but creators.

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This project is a collaboration between Kat Kowalczuk and Elyne Legarnisson.

Recent graduates from Chelsea College of Art and Design, in BA Interior and Spatial design,  we both are very interested in Interactive Installations. This is why we decided to gather our skills and creativities to create Sonar Borealis.

We used the process of projection on tule fabric developed by Elyne during her last year of BA and grew it in a full installation.

The final concept and structure design is the result of a constant exchange over 4 months. The other elements were realized separately, according to the skills and free time we each had.


Kat Kowalczuk:

Concept Design - Structure Design - Model Making - Model Shooting ((Canon 5d / 28mm lens) - 3D Renderings (3Ds Max).

Elyne Legarnisson:

Concept Design - Structure Design - Projection Process Design - Animations responding to Sound (Adobe After Effects) - Model Shooting (Canon 5d / 28mm lens) - Video Editing ( Adobe Premiere and After Effects) - Portfolio Layout ( Adobe InDesign) - Website Design (Wix).

With the participation of Roberto Mirabella (Structural Engineer) and Ed Rawle (Programming Consultant)...